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Shelter Applications

  • - Accommodation
  • - Medical facilities
  • - Education facilities
  • - Command and control centres
  • - Aid and disaster relief
  • - Supply stores


Key Attributes

  • Modular & lightweight construction.
  • Proven high level of ballistic protection including 58 calibre rounds.
  • High level of blast protection including 120mm mortar.
  • No requirement for mechanical equipment.
  • Designed for extremes of environmental conditions.
  • Designed for expeditionary and rapid reaction forces.
  • One hand tool assembly.
  • Deployable via helicopter and DROPS vehicle.
  • Service life in excess of 5 years.
  • Minimal training required.
  • Very low power consumption for temperature control.
  • Low infra red signature.
  • Configurable to provide floor area in excess of 200m².
  • Minimum 4 person assembly.
  • Deployable in under 1 hour.


Fortis Shelter

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Specialist Solutions

SBS work with Hertel who design and manufacture modular and flat pack ballistic and blast protected shelters which are designed to save lives and reduce the threat of injury to a wide range of military and non-miltary personnel. Providing proven ballistic and blast protection which exceeds many of the STANAG 2280 requirements, protection which can be adapted to suit client’s specific conditions.


Easily and rapidly assembled with one simple hand tool, ballistic and blast protected shelters provide its users with a safe living and working environment in some of the most hostile and dangerous situations.


Units can be configured to meet a variety of field requirements including, accommodation, medical facilities, and command and control centres providing instant ballistic protection the moment the first wall panel is secured in place.


What makes them unique?

1. Proven ballistic protection to a high standard.

2. Proven blast proof protection.

3. Modular in construction.

4. Assembled fully in less than 2 hours with one manual tool.

5. No specialist skills or power tools required.

6. Deliverable via road, helicopter or air drop pallet.

7. Symmetrical pallet loading = reduced logistical requirements.

8. No requirement for mechanical handling equipment to erect the shelter.

9. No in-service maintenance required.

10. Lightweight solution which can be deployed by helicopter, or a pick-up truck.

11. Withstand environmental extremes and helicopter downwash.

12. Specialist designed laminated panels with excellent structural properties.

13. Suitable for protecting a wide variety of personnel across both military and non-military/aid uses.

14. Offers minimum threat protection (ballistic threat) within 30 minutes of starting construction of the shelter

15. Up to Level IV Ballistic protection against 5.56, 7.62mm and 14.5mm (58 cal) B32 Heavy Machine gun round iaw STANAG 4569, N" 1008, UL 752 or Euro 1063.

16. Protection from fragmentation from direct hit/near miss, 120mm mortar & 107mm/122mm Rocket (SQ fuses) iaw STANAG 2280.

17. Low thermal properties, requires very low power for heating, cooling and lighting.

Ballistic Protection

Fortis protected shelters were subjected to a number of ballistic tests including the firing of various calibre rounds and RPG.

Fortis protected shelters panels were shot at in various places including the most vulnerable areas such as joints and locking mechanisms and in clusters to simulate a burst of fire. A total of 7 x 7.62mm rounds were fired at the Fortis protected shelters panels and all rounds were laser guided and were defeated.


The following is a summary of tests conducted:

1. 7.62mm NATO ball fi red direct into full size Fortis protected shelters ballistic panels.

2. 58 calibre Russian made B32 tungsten tipped round fi red direct into full size Trigger Shield pre-detonation screen positioned 18” in front of Fortis protected shelters ballistic panels.

3. RPG 7 fired direct into full size Trigger Shield pre-detonation screen positioned 18” in front of Fortis protected shelters ballistic panels.

All rounds were defeated proving Fortis protected shelters to be effective defence against bullet fire and RPG attacks.


Blast Protection

Further to the anti ballistic properties offered by
Fortis protected shelters the protective system can also provide effective protection against explosions and blasts.

During testing only one Fortis protected shelter was used and no repairs or adjustments were made between detonations. Fortis protected shelter remained structurally sound and only received superficial damage.


Fortis protected shelters has been subjected to the following detonations:

• 3.2kg TNT equivalent shaped charge 1m above ground burst, 0.25m stando! from trigger screen.

• 3.2kg TNT equivalent shaped charge in contact with roof Trigger Screen.

• 6.5kg TNT equivalent fragmenting surrogate mortar, 4m stando! from Trigger Shield.

• 6.5kg TNT equivalent fragmenting surrogate mortar, 4m stando! from side of Fortis protected shelter

• 3.2kg TNT equivalent shaped charge in direct contact with corner of roof.

• 3.2kg TNT equivalent spherical charge in direct contact with side wall of shelter at ground level .


Fortis Protected Shelter is assembled with one simple hand tool, an 8mm Hex Key (Allen Key). Assembly time varies from 1 hour for the standard shelter to 8 hours for the full hybrid system which offers the ultimate in protection for hostile environments.


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